Annance Bolivia SRL

We are a legally constituted private company in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, dedicated to the commercialization of metals and concentrated minerals. Annance Bolivia was created in 2010 and belongs to the Annance business group, originated by Annance AG (based in Brig, Switzerland) and made up of Annance LLC (based in Miami, United States), Annance Uruguay (based in Montevideo, Uruguay) and Annance Kenya (based in Nairobi, Kenya).

By working with world-class companies, we first ensure that all products go through strict quality control. This implies asking our suppliers that their products have to comply with the established quality standards, so the sampling and quality analysis processes must be representative of the lots that are acquired.



Our logistics system allows us to deliver the products at the place and on the dates agreed with the client, so we aim for them to be fully satisfied and not suffer losses or fines for our work.

Something important for us, is that our suppliers exploit and produce their materials in a responsible and sustainable way, taking care of the environment and not making children work.



  • Tin
  • Tin and antimony alloys
  • Metallic bismuth
  • Copper cathodes
  • Gold
  • Silver in bullion and shot


  • Copper concentrates.
  • Zinc concentrates
  • Zinc concentrates – silver
  • Lead silver concentrates
  • Antimony concentrates
  • Wolfram concentrates
  • Manganese
  • Tantalum

Future Projects

We are planning the development of a gold and silver refining project.

Calle Ignacio Cordero No P-3 Torre Montenegro Piso 4 Of. 404

Calacoto – San Miguel

La Paz – Bolivia